Sunday, 25 June 2017

Why I don’t have close friends in Nollywood – Omotola

​Nollywood star,Omotola Jalade -Ekehinde has revealed why she doesn’t have close friends in the industry.

In a recent chat with Potpourri, the actress emphatically stated that all she has in the industry are colleagues and never close friends. She explained further that she’s not in the habit of having new friends, at every opportunity, saying, all her close friends are those she has known from her childhood.

“Most of my friends are friends I have had forever. I am a very loyal person. I try to keep a very small group of friends. It is not that I don’t make new friends, but I call them acquaintances.

When you say friends, they are people I have known for a long time,since I was a child,” she said, poker faced: “Everybody is my colleague. I don’t have very close friends in the industry,”

she added.

When asked why, she explained: “We don’t live around each other to start with. I live very far away from so many people. Secondly,I am not too much of a party person. We probably won’t see often. I am also not very good at visiting people, so, we probably won’t have that kind of bond.”

Omotola, who recently celebrated one of her daughters, Mimi who graduated from the university with Associates of Art degree in Merchandise Product Development returns to big screen in a new movie ‘Alter Ego’ on July 21.

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