Thursday, 22 June 2017

Tragedy: A Nairalander, Tr3y Is Dead (Photos)

In the event that no one but passing could be exchange with something else separated from Life. cry

On the off chance that exclusive we know and unequivocally trusted that life is vanity.

you gave it everything you could Shola Abaogun After arrangement of Operations. cry

We moved toward becoming companions at Tender Age of 7 in Ilorin. cry

I recall the range of Play Station 1, We do sneak into play before Iya Abaogun will come back from Office.

You Wrote GCE WAEC in S.S 1 And Got A1 and B3. You need to Study Mechanic Engineering But you considered Geology.

Your Academic Excellence procure you Nickname 001. Continuously first in Class.

You do come to Sango Otta to invest energy with me, Why leave at Peak of your Career, We pledge to Rock IT industry Break New Ground. Why now Shola?

Nairaland Webmaster Section will miss You Bro embarassed
I recall Our last Conversation Vividly.

Rest In Peace Brother.

from Nairaland

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