Thursday, 22 June 2017

Five Things You Did As A Child

We all remember the funny things we used to do as a child. Let me take you down the memory lane.

1. Follow Our Parents Out Whenever They're Leaving For Work:- This one was very common then, your dad is about to go to work and you're crying, telling him you want to go with him. The only remedy for this is for him to take you out and buy you biscuits and sweets, before you can let him go, Lol.

2. Poo Wherever Possible:- My mum told me one time, that my little sister used to go to our Dad's shoe rack to pick a shoe and take a dump. I'm sure we might have similar experiences.

3. Think The Moon Is Following You Around At Night:- I remember going out at night as a little kid, and I'll look up to the moon while walking down. Thinking the moon is following me, I'd start running down, while still looking up and see that the moon is following me. We didn't know the moon was on its own jeje.

4. Cry When Getting A Haircut:- This was common with boys. Our very first time of getting a haircut is always a disaster. Your mom would have to lap you, your​ elder siblings would have to hold your hands, and the barber would also try to hold down your head, cus you would be resisting.

5. Believed That Once We Act Dead and An Angel Passes us, We would really die:- My sister and I used to play a lot. So one time I fell on the floor and played dead, her words were “I pity you, when angel will pass you now". If you see the speed I used to get​ up ehn! Who wants to die??

So that's it guys, feel free to add yours too.

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